The Pilots

As you are about to see, I have listed ALL the pilots that officially flew with the various GIN / Blades incarnations. I have also listed the Solo Aerobatic Reps where known. These guys often flew with the team to the shows, so whilst not an official integral part of the team, they often flew together.

If you know any more information about team members or if you know the whereabouts of any team members, please feel free to "Contact me".

The teams members were drawn from the QFI's based at Linton-on-Ouse. Upto 1969 there was a Navy presence at Linton & the team was a mixture of RAF & RN pilots. The Navy left Linton in 1969, so after that only RAF pilots flew in the team.

Most instructors rarely stayed more than a couple of years at a training station, this lead to a continuously changing team. Team members flying more than 1 season with the team was the exception rather than the rule. Also due to the fact that instructors could be called apon to take up an active front-line role at short notice, sometimes pilots were posted away from Linton mid-season. This also caused some line-up changes during the season.

In the early 60's it's a little unclear how the teams members got picked, but from some time in the mid 60's the instructors could volunteer to fly in the team. From January onwards test flights were made to decide who would join the team that year. These flights were usually done with previous team members as a passenger to asses the suitability of the "volunteer". Having decided on the team members, the serious training then started.

Linton GIN / Linton Blades Pilots
Year Team Name Leader #2 #3 #4 Reserve Solo Aero Rep.
1961 GIN Section Flt Lt Ron Corck Lt Carl Davis RN Flt Lt Hugh Rigg (1)    
1962 GIN Section Lt Carl Davis RN Flt Lt Robbie Robinson (2) Flt Lt Hugh Rigg -    
1963 - 1st 2 shows GIN Section Flt Lt Robbie Robinson (2) Flt Lt Bob Holliday Flt Lt Hugh Rigg -   Pete Jarvis
1963 - rest of year GIN Section Flt Lt Hugh Rigg Flt Lt Bob Holliday Flt Lt Terry Thornton -   Pete Jarvis
1964 GIN Section Flt Lt Terry Thornton Lt Simon Thomas RN Lt John Carver RN -   Pete Jarvis
1965   Flt Lt Norrie Grove Flt Lt Doug Smith * Lt Pierre Cadoret RN * -   Pete Jarvis
1966   Flt Lt Norrie Grove Lt Mike Todd RN Flt Lt Doug Smith -   Pete Jarvis
1967   Flt Lt Jim Burns Lt Keith Harris RN Fg Off Brian Todd Fg Off Eric Hemson    
1968 GIN Formation Flt Lt Mike Collin Flt Lt Richard 'Mac' Mackenzie-Crooks Lt Dave Brittain RN Flt Lt Pat Kiggell Fg Off Brian Todd  
1969 Linton GIN Sqn Ldr Sid Edwards Fg Off Al Colesky Fg Off Joe Whitfield Flt Lt Dave Waddington Flt Lt Dave Coldicutt & Fg Off John Bishop Tim Allen
1970 Linton Blades Flt Lt Dave Waddington Fg Off Dudley Carvell Flt Lt Dave Coldicutt Flt Lt Joe Whitfield - Flt Lt Alick Nicholson
1971 Linton Blades Sqn Ldr Bob Turner Flt Lt Dudley Carvell Flt Lt Denis "Nobby" Grey Flt Lt Alick Nicholson - Flt Lt Owen Hammond
1972 Linton Blades Sqn Ldr Duncan Robinson (2) Flt Lt Michael Hall Flt Lt Peter Hood Flt Lt Jon Buckler    
1973 Linton Blades Sqn Ldr Don Oakden Flt Lt Mervin Fowler Flt Lt John Anders Flt Lt Jon Buckler   Dave Webb

* - I don't know which position these pilots flew in.

(1) An "honourable mention" should be made of Flt Lt Dick Fox who trained with the 1961 team but, unfortunatley never got to fly with the team publicly.
(2) Flt Lt Robbie Robinson ( 62 & 63 ) and Sqn Ldr Duncan Robinson (73) are the same person.