GIN Section 1963 pilots

The following scans were sent to me by Hugh Rigg - MANY THANKS !.

The initial training & first 2 shows of the 1963 season were lead by Robbie Robinson (#2 in 1962 ). Unfortunately Robbie was posted away at very short notice, leaving the team without a leader. So Hugh Rigg took over the #1 slot & invited Terry Thornton to step in as #3.

This rare photo shows the initial 1963 line up, larking about.

f-l-t-r Robbie Robinson, Bob Holliday, Hugh Rigg

Here's the regular line up for the rest of the 1963 season.

f-l-t-r Bob Holliday, Hugh Rigg, Terry Thornton

Here are a couple of 1963 training shots. These photos were taken on 7 August 1963.