GIN Formation 1968 pilots

Here's the "regular" 1968 team

f-l-t-r Mike Collin, Pat Kiggell, Dave Brittain, Richard "Mac" Mackenzie-Crooks

This photo was taken at the RAF Valley show in 1968. Even though Pat Kiggell flew the Valley show, Pat isn't featured, but Brian Todd (regular '67 member & '68 Backup ) is. This line-up flew the last 2 shows of the 1968 season ( Rufforth & Leuchars ). At this stage it was already known that Pat would have to leave the team before the end of the season. Brian Todd was already practicing as #4. Photo's very similar to this one were published in the Telegraph & Argus on 4 Sept 1968.

Ground crew - Standing - f-l-t-r ????,?????, Phil Wallace, Bradley
Pilots kneeling f-l-t-r Mike Collin, Richard "Mac" Mackenzie-Crooks, Dave Brittain, Brian Todd