Dave Waddington

Dave Waddington

Dave Waddington ( W.D.S. Waddington ) was born in 1938 in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.

He won a scholarship to Manchester University to study languages. But before finishing his degree he discovered flying via the University Air Squadron & decided he wanted to become an RAF Pilot. He couldn't wait to finish his degree & immediatley left to join the RAF.

One of questions posed at the interview to join the RAF was a question along the lines of "Rank in order of choice, your preferred role in the RAF".
Daves reply was "Pilot, Pilot, Pilot".
The interviewer replied " I don't think you have understood me. what we'd like to know , for example is :- Pilot, Navigator, Air Engineer".
Daves reply was "I have understood the question. You have not understood my reply. Either I'm a pilot or I'm not joining!"

After completing training he flew Javelins for 29 & 60 Squadrons based out of Leuchars, Cyprus & Singapore. Much to his wifes dismay he amassed over 1000 hours on Javelins in 5 years.
Aged 28, he returned to the UK in 1966 "armed" with a wife & 2 sons, aged 4 & 2. Two daughters quickly arrived in '67 & '68 ( it's amazing what English Fish & Chips does for your "love life" ! )

He became a Qualified Flying Instructor, then set about teaching students & getting into some serious aerobatics.

After being accepted for the 1969 team, he went on to lead the 1970 team.

Despite being verbally offered a position in the Red Arrows, in January 1971 Dave left the RAF & became a pilot for British European Airways ( later to become British Airways ).
His reasoning for the decision being after 3 more years of top level aerobatics he would then have to do 9 years of a "Desk-Job". This just wasn't in Dave's blood.
For the next 14 years he flew Viscounts & HS748 based out of Glasgow, then moved on to BAe 1-11's based in Manchester.

Having left the RAF, Dave never flew aerobatics again.

He died of a heart attack in 1986 aged 48. It was totally unexpected, having landed an aircraft full of passengers at Manchester 6 hours prior to the heart attack.

The coroner blamed English Fish & Chips !

Dave Waddington
RIP - Dad

Here's Dave with the 1969 Linton GIN team

f-l-t-r Joe Whitfield, Al Colesky, Sid Edwards, Dave Waddington

And here's Dave with the 1970 Linton Blades team

f-l-t-r Joe Whitfield, Dudley Carvell, Dave Waddington, Dave Coldicutt