Linton Blades 1971 Newspaper/Magazine articles

These clippings were sent to me by Nobby Grey - MANY THANKS !.

This clipping, from an unknown paper, gets 4 of the 5 Blades members names wrong :-(

This clipping is from the Yorkshire Evening Post dated 4 June 1971.

This next item was first insert into the 1971 publicity/media folder which was probably a photo of the team, bios and possibly the show sequence.

Most of this stuff was used in the Henlow 1971 Programme

The following photos of newspaper clippings were taken at the Linton Memorial Room. The Memorial Room is run by Alan Mawby. I'd like to thank Alan for allowing me to photograph them - MANY THANKS !.

Both these articles cover the Harrogate show in June 1971.

This article is from a local paper covering the show in Brighton.

Here's one from the RAF News at the end of the season.