Linton Blades - Henlow & North Weald 1971 Airshow
31 May 1971

2 shows were flown on this date. The first at Henlow & the 2nd at North Weald

Pilots/Aircraft flown

XW311 / 69 - Dudley Carvell
XW296 / 57 - Nobby Grey

XW301 / 60
XW308 / 67
XW312 / 71

The last 3 serial numbers come from the excellent Scramble website ( details are anonymous)

The Henlow Programme featured the Blades extensively. They got the front cover, a large photo & 4 pages of Info. ( the Red Arrows "Just" got a photo & 1 side )

Here's a scan of the programme for the 1971 North Weald Airshow. In contrast to the above Henlow programme, there's not much mention of the team within it.

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