Linton Blades aircraft - XW374 / 75 - T5

Date of Delivery - 21 June 1971 ( 1st known show 4 weeks later )
Sold - to VH-JPE, Reedy Springs, Queensland, Australia

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Date Venue Pilot Notes
17 July 1971 Wick Nobby Grey -
18 Sept 1971 Leuchars - Spotted - Spare/backup
9 July 1972 Topcliffe - Spotted
13 May 1973 Valance ( France ) - Flown to France by Neil Carnegie - May have been the back up aircraft

Here's a ground picture of XW374.

XW374 was based at RAFC from July 1979 onwards. In 1987 it was selected to be main aircraft used by Fg Off Sean Chiddention for his 1987 / 88 display season. XW374 was then painted up in original "Poachers" Colours For more details => Click here & read the section at the top of page 2.

Peter Nicholson has a couple of shots of XW374, taken in 1988, in Poachers colours => Click here to see Peter's 1988 photos

As stated above XW374 is now in Australia & re-registered as VH-JPE. Glenn Alderton took this picture of here in 2002. ( © Glenn Alderton )

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