Linton Blades aircraft - XW297 / 59 - T5

Date of Delivery - 15 December 1969 ( 1st known show 5 months later )
Written Off - 17 September 1970 - Crashed at Kipling Coates, Yorks. The pilot ejected safely - ( Last known show 4 months earlier )
Scrapped - Ascot June 1974

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It's rare to find photos of this aircraft. It was only active for 9 months !

Date Venue Pilot Notes
2 May 1970 Church Fenton Joe Whitfield -
10 May 1970 Wiesbaden Joe Whitfield See Lindsay Peacock's photo below
4 July 1970 High Wycombe Joe Whitfield -

Here's XW297 during a practice flight.

The following photo was taken by Lindsay Peacock, at the Wiesbaden show. XW297/59 is the 2nd aircraft in the line up.

Photo © Lindsay Peacock

Here's a ground picture of XW297.

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