Linton GIN aircraft - XP634 / 49 - T4

Date of Delivery - 29 June 1962 ( 1st known show 7 years later )
Moved to Linton - June 1968 ( 1st known show 11 months later )
Sold as Scrap - 17 August 1971 at No.27 MU Shawbury to Blackbushe Engineering, Ascot ( Last known show 11 months earlier )

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Date Venue Pilot Notes
11 May 1969 Helmswell Al Colesky -
14 May 1969 Perth Al Colesky -
14 June 1969 Upper Heyford - See Adrian Balch's & Phil Pain's Photos below
21 June 1969 Denham Al Colesky -
12 July 1969 Wycombe Al Colesky -
26 July 1969 Peterhead Dave Waddington -
31 Aug 1969 Münster Al Colesky -
18 Sept 1969 Gaydon Al Colesky -

This photo of XP634 / 49 was taken by Lindsay Peacock (©) , at Wethersfield on 24 May 1969. Linton GIN did not fly a show here. XP634 was in the static display only.

Adrian Balch (©) took a shot of her at the Upper Heyford show 14 June 1969.

This great picture was taken by & © Philip Pain at the Upper Heyford show in June 1969. It shows ground crew member Phil Wallace enjoying the show.

I bought this picture via eBay. It shows XP634 & Phil Wallace, in the same position as Phil Pain's photo above, it also shows John Bainbridge sitting on the wing, Bill Ellis in front of the engine air intake.

Here's Steve Bond's photo (©) from Denham 1969, showing XP634/49 on the grass

Tony Breese (©) took this shot at Leuchars in 1969. XP634 didn't fly a show here. It was probably being used for a training flight on this occasion.

Tony (©) didn't record that date or location of this photo.

XP634 / 49 in action , flown by Joe Whitfield ( #3 closest to the Camera ). According to Dave Waddngton's log book these photos were taken on 28 August 1969.

The above photos were used in a couple of newspapers

These are from the Northern Echo, dated 29 August 1969.

This is an article from Rolls Royce News - March 1970.

XP634 has the honour of being available as a kit by AeroClub. Here's the kit box & the finished model as on display at the Linton Memorial Room.

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