Linton GIN - Wycombe Air Park
12 July 1969

Wycombe Air Park was "created" in 1965 when RAF Booker closed.
Linton GIN flew to Wycombe on 11 July 1969, taking a spare plane & their ground crew with them. On the 12 July they flew a 10 minute "Full" show. The show included taking off & landing in formation in front of the public. No height is recorded for the show. The team & ground crew returned home to Linton-On-Ouse on the 13th July.

Linton GIN pilots / Aircraft flown

????? / ?? - Sid Edwards
XP634 / 49 - Al Colesky
XP683 / 51 - Joe Whitfield
XR700 / 46 - Dave Waddington

The spare aircraft - XP634 / 53 was flown there & back by Dave Coldicutt - Reserve & Commentator, but Al Colesky used this for the show.

Pilot details have come directly from their log books.

The excellent Scramble website ( details not credited to anyone ) also lists the following Linton GIN planes as being there.

XP679 / 36
XR666 / 47
XR670 / 54

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