Linton Blades - Weinheim 1972
1 October 1972

Weinheim, Germany, is close to Heidelberg, about 30 mins south of Frankfurt ( by car )
This show was given for the 40th anniversary of the Air sport ( gliding ) club in Weinheim. There was a 4hr show including display by a Fiseler Storch, Parachutists, Hot Air balloons, The Burda aerobatic team ( in Pipers ) & a display by Ladislav Bezak ( Aerobatics solo world champion ) The Blades were the climax to the show. One of the German papers below wrote "It was worth giving up a Sunday afternoon, just to see the [Blades] Team Aerobatics".

The following Newspaper clippings were kindly lent to me by the Luft Sport Verein Weinheim => - Many thanks !

This is from the "Weinheimer Nachricht" a few days before the show.

These are show reports from the "Weinheimer Nachricht".

And here's one from the "Rhien Neckar Zeitung".

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