Linton GIN - Upper Heyford
14 June 1969
NATO Friendship Day

Linton GIN pilots / Aircraft flown

XR672 / 43 - Sid Edwards ( this serial number is listed on the "scramble" website as taking part in the display)
XR700 / 46 - Al Colesky
XP681 / 53 - Joe Whitfield
XR670 / 54 - Dave Waddington

Spare aircraft - XP681 / 53 ( Dave Coldicutt - Reserve & Commentator and Tim Allen )

Pilot details have come directly from their log books. NOTE although Dave Coldicutt flew XP681 to the show ( as backup ), Joe Whitfield used it for the show itself.

The photos below also show that the following aircraft were at this show.
XP633 / 41
XP634 / 49

The following pictures were taken by & © Adrian Balch.

The following pictures were taken by & © Philip Pain.

Phil managed to take shots of ground crew members Bill Ellis ( Left photo ) & Phil Wallace ( Right ) enjoying the show.

Philip also took this shot, showing the Royal Navy Sea Prince used to team carry spares to some of the 1969 shows.

I bought this picture via eBay. It shows XP634 & Phil Wallace, in the same position as Phil Pain's photo above, it also shows John Bainbridge sitting on the wing, Bill Ellis in front of the engine air intake.

Here's a couple of scans of the program from this event.

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