Linton GIN - Thruxton
7 September 1969

On the 6th September 1969, having flown the full show at Rufforth on the same day, Linton Gin , a spare aircraft & their ground crew flew to Thruxton.
On the next day, the "Full" show , lasting 15 minutes, including taking off & landing in formation in front of the crowd, was flown (7 September 1969) at Thruxton. A height of 500ft is recorded for the show.

Sqn Ldr Sid Edwards had this to say about the landing :-
I remember us all landing on the grass in the middle of the racing circuit for our show at Thruxton, without any problems and we also "drove" round the race-track after our show on a "lap of honour" to the delight of the crowd (I took the precaution of sending someone round to actually measure if our tail-planes would fit under the "Champion Spark-plug" bridge!).

The team & their ground crew returned to Linton on 7 September.

Linton GIN pilots / Aircraft flown

????? / ?? - Sid Edwards
XP633 / 41 - Al Colesky
XP679 / 34 - Joe Whitfield
XR670 / 54 - Dave Waddington

Backup Pilots / Aircraft
XP683 / 51 - Dave Coldicutt / John Bishop

Pilot details have come directly from their log books.

This scan comes from the Yorkshire Evening post. It is dated 5 September, 2 days before the Thruxton show. I have modified the scan to put the printed columns next to each other.

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