GIN - Prestwick
30 September 1967
The Scottish Airshow

GIN pilots / Aircraft flown

????? / ?? - Jim Burns
XP637 / 42 - Keith Harris
????? / ?? - Brian Todd
XR700 / 46 - Eric Hemson

Pilot details have come directly from their log books.

other GIN aircraft flown ( see photo's below )

XR672 / 43 ( "take-off" photo )

XP561 / 51 ( Solo "Landing" photo )

The following great photo's were taken at the 1967 Prestwick show by ( & © ) Colin Lourie.
Colin's website is =>

These 4 photo's were taken, by Colin, on the Friday, as the team arrived. The 1st clearly shows XP561 / 51. This is itself is an interesting aircraft. First delivered to the RAF in January 1962, it was transferred to Linton in September 1966 & written off in February 1968. So 1967 was the only year it could have been used for GIN Aerobatics.

The Scottish Airshow was held bi-annually at Prestwick. The first show was held on 30 September 1967 & "The GIN team" flew it.
Below are some scans from the 1967 program.

Interestingly the 1967 Programme seems to give the impression that the GIN teams.... "remarkable demonstration .... was a big hit when televised from the Biggin Hill Airshow earlier this year" ( 1967). Is this just cleverly worded ? Is the programme refering to the Jet Provost or did the GIN team replace the "Red Pelicans" as mentioned in Flight International 11 May 1967 Does anyone out there know more about this ?

This picture featured in the 1969 programme. It shows the 1967 "GIN Team" in action.

The 1969 show didn't feature a Jet Provost team. It did however feature a Jet Provost Solo Display ( Peter Nicholson listed this as - T.4A XS 177 coded 43 of 3 FTS ). Unfortunately there are no further details in the programme.

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