Linton Blades 1973 Newspaper/Magazine articles

All the photos of these clippings were taken at the Linton Memorial Room. The Memorial Room is run by Alan Mawby. I'd like to thank Alan for allowing me to photograph them - MANY THANKS !.

This clipping is from the Guardian. The same picture is used in colour in the 73 Blades brochure , albeit a bit smaller.

This clipping is from an unknown paper.

This one is from the Yorkshire Evening Post dated 13 April 1973.

the Yorkshire Evening Post dated 5 May 1973. Immediately before the season start.

A Sheffield paper, The Star had this small clipping about a flypast flown on the 9th June.

The following clippings show the real reason for disbanding the 1973 Team.

This one is from the Daily Express.

The Northern Echo covered the story like this on 26 June 1973.

A month later, it was featured in the RAF News.

However, I'm sure this is how the Team would prefer to be remembered. This advert appeared in Aircraft Illustrated June 1973.