Linton Blades - RAF Leuchars
19 September 1970

The team including ground crew & a spare 5th aircraft, left Linton-on-Ouse on 19th September & flew to RAF Leuchars. They landed & later flew a 10 minute show at 500ft over RAF Leuchars ( this was the Battle of Britain show ). This show included taking off & landing in formation in front of the crowd.
After an overnight stop the team & groundcrew returned to RAF Linton-on-Ouse.

Linton Blades Pilots / Aircraft flown

XW304 / 62 - Dave Waddington
XW306 / 65 - Dudley Carvell
XW309 / 68 - Dave Coldicutt
????? / ?? - Joe Whitfield ( presumably XW300 / 58 - spotted & photographed )

Pilot details have come directly from their log books.

The October 1970 SCAN Newsletter ( ) also lists the following aircraft as being used for this display.
XW300 / 58

XW312 / 71 was the 5th aircraft. It flew a solo display - see below.

They wrote in their newsletter :-
A point of interest was that one of them was wearing a new badge in the form of a white Yorkshire Rose, Whether or not this embellishment spreads to the rest of the fleet of No.1 FTS, remains to be seen.

So it seems that even at the end of the season the Teams Rose had not been applied to all the aircraft used.

On the Solo Display, the Central Scotland Aviation Group's Newsletter from Oct 1971 says :- The single Jet Provost T.5, XW312, showed just why her pilot won the 1970 Wright Jubilee Trophy for aerobatics

Unfortunately they don't name the pilot :-( , but I THINK it was Flt Lt Alick C. N. Nicholson

XW300, XW309 & XW312 were photographed at this show.

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