Linton Blades - Le Mans Aerodrome
28 May 1972

The Blades show was not at the 24 hr race, which was held on 10/11 June in 1972.
Unfortunately, other than the clippings below, I have no Info on this show.
The clippings shown below are photo's of origials on display at the Linton Memorial Room. I would like to thank Alan Mawby for allowing me to take the photos.

This clipping from an unknown french paper covers the Le Mans Show.

Here's one from the RAF News dated 24 June 1972 also covering the Le Mans show. I appologize for the quality of this. The article was too large for a single photo & I blurred the second shot :-(

If you have further details or photos of this show, please feel free to use the "contact" link on the left.