Linton Blades - Höchst & Frankfurt International Trades Fair, Germany 1970
11 July

On the 11th & 12th July 1970 Linton Blades flew 4 shows in Germany. The team ( including a 5th spare aircraft flown by ..... ) left Dishforth ( they were on detachment there ) with their ground crew & Flg.Off. Wright on 10th July 1970 & flew 1 hr to Valkenburg, Holland. They then flew another 65 Mins, on the same day, from Valkenburg to Wiesbaden, Germany.
No further flights were done on the 10th.
On the 11 July Dave Waddingtons Logbook shows a 30 minute filght listed as "1500ft Höchst & Frankfurt International". Höchst ( or Hoechst) is a suburb of Frankfurt. So it is very possible that there were 2 seperate shows flown.
The team & crew stayed overnight in Wiesbaden ( another suburb of Frankfurt ) & flew 2 further German shows on the 12th before returning to the UK ( Dishforth) on the 13th.

I have pictures of the aircraft at Gelnhausen. Assuming the pilots flew the same aircraft, here are the details

Blades Pilots / Aircraft flown

XW308 / 67 - Dave Waddington ( Confirmed by Log Book )
XW305 / 63 - Dudley Carvell ( Confirmed by Log Book )
XW303 / 64 - Dave Coldicutt ( Confirmed by Log Book )
XW310 / 70 - Joe Whitfield

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