Linton GIN - Harrogate & Linton-on-Ouse 1969 Airshow
27 September 1969

on 27th September 1969 Linton GIN flew their last shows. The first was a "Full" show at Harrogate over the Army Apprentices College & they then, on their return, flew another "Full" show directly over Linton-on-Ouse. I'm not sure if the "Linton" show was for the public or just flown over the airbase. It is however listed in Dave Waddington's logbook as a show & not a practice.
Total flight time is recorded as 40 minutes. No height is recorded for these shows.

Dave Waddington records having a Flt Lt Mackenzie as a passenger. I don't know if this was Ian Mackenzie or "Mac" Mackenzie-Crooks ( Ex-GIN '68 pilot). I suspect the former.

The team was renamed Linton Blades for the 1970 season, so these 2 shows marked the end of the "GIN" era.

GIN Pilots / Aircraft flown

????? / ?? - Sid Edwards
XP683 / 51 - Al Colesky
XR666 / 47 - Joe Whitfield ( with John Bishop as passenger )
XR700 / 46 - Dave Waddington

Pilot details have come directly from their log books.

Here's a small newspaper clipping about the show. I have no idea which paper this appeared in.

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