Linton Blades - Doncaster Aero Club 1970
13 June

This was Linton Blades second show at Doncaster with in a week.
This show was performed for the Doncaster Aero Club. Total flight time from Linton - Doncaster - Linton including the "Full" show was 1 hr.
No height is recorded.

Dave Waddington's log book has the comment "Photo's Massey" against this show.

Blades Pilots / Aircraft flown

XW296 / 57 - Dave Waddington
XW311 / 69 - Dudley Carvell
XW306 / 65 - Dave Coldicutt ( Wing Cdr Clark as passenger )
????? / ?? - Joe Whitfield

Pilot details have come directly from their log books.

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