GIN Section - RNAS Culdrose
27 July 1963

This was Hugh Rigg's first show as leader.

GIN Section , & Pete Jarvis ( Solo Aero Rep) flew to Little Rissington on 26 July 1963. An "In Promtu" flypast was done with the Red Pelicans Team.

This amazing photo originated from Ian Bashall's ( Red Pelican Leader) personal collection.

Pete Jarvis had this to say about the flypast :-
Our tangle with the Red Pelicans was the result of a chance encounter with "Bash" [Ian Bashall] during a practice at Rissy when we were staging through en route to Culdrose. Some cine was taken of our joint formation as they returned to Rissy. Since I didn't start my aeros career on the JP until 15th Sept, 1963, I suspect that I was tagging along as a spare with our own, enthusiastic engineer, SAC Timpson.

Does anyone out there have a copy / or know of a copy of this CINE film ? If so, PLEASE contact me.

The 3 man GIN Section team flew a show at RNAS Culdrose on 27 July.

GIN Pilots / Aircraft flown

XR665 / 38 - Hugh Rigg
????? / ?? - Bob Holliday
XR672 / 43 - Terry Thornton

Pilot details have come directly from their log books.

XP637/ 42 was also photographed at this show ( See below ). This aircraft was being piloted by Pete Jarvis for the weekend.

These photos are from ( & © ) Tony Breese & show the team at the 1963 Culdrose show.

Here's the programme for this display

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