GIN - Baginton 1965, Kings Cup Air Race and Display
21 August 1965

The following serial numbers, of 1FTS aircraft, are listed on the excellent Scramble website ( details credited to David Miller)
Alan Mawby from the Linton-on-Ouse museum confirmed the team flew a show at Baginton in 1965. Does anyone out there have more details ?

XP687 / 36
XS220 / 47
XS185 / 54
XP582 / 46

XR668 / 45 (Probably Pete Jarvis - Solo Aero Rep )

Here's a couple of scans of the programme from this event. PLEASE NOTE : The flying programme makes no mention of 1 FTS or 3 Sqn aircraft. However I do believe the team flew a display here.

If you have further details or photos of this show, please feel free to use the "contact" link on the left.