RAF Finningley, RAF Hullavington & RAF Benson (Battle of Britain) 1962 Airshows
15 Sept 1962

The GIN Section team flew 3 shows on this date.

I asked Hugh Rigg about the sequence. Here's his reply :-

It is not clear from my log book exactly what we did on 15 Sep 62, but judging from the sortie times it is most likely that we took off from Linton, displayed at Finningley, and landed at Benson. After refuelling we then took off from Benson and then displayed at Hullavington and Benson, probably in that order, landed at Benson and refuelled, and then flew down to St Mawgan for a weekend in Cornwall, returning to Linton on Monday 17 Sep.

Hugh Rigg & Carl Davis flew the same aircraft all weekend.

GIN Pilots / Aircraft flown

XP637 / 42 - Carl Davis
????? / ?? - Robbie Robinson
XP589 / 36 - Hugh Rigg

Steve Bond attended the RAF Benson show &, as well as the aircraft above, logged the following aircraft XP549/40, XP615/35. I assume one of these was either a backup or the Solo Aerobatics Rep.

Here's a scan of the programme cover for the 1962 RAF Benson Airshow. Unfortunatley there is no mention of the team within the programme :-(

David Watkins spotted this YouTube video, showing some footage from the 1962 Finningley show.
GIN Section can be seen at about 1:15

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