GIN Formation - R.N.A.S. Arbroath Air Day
20 July 1968

Richard "Mac" Mackenzie-Crooks remembers this show & wrote :- Lousy weather with very poor visibility. I remember Mike kept us on a fraction too long and we nearly got taken out by a Buccaneer.

Blades Pilots / Aircraft flown

????? / ?? - Mike Collin
XR699 / 34 - Richard Mackenzie-Crooks
????? / ?? - Dave Brittain
XR666 / 47 - Pat Kiggell

Pilots details have come from their logbooks.

The July 1968 SCAN Newsletter ( ) also lists the following aircraft as attending this display :-
XR700 / 46
XP633 / 41
XP662 / 48

They wrote :-
"Low cloud and a heavy drizzle all day marred what could have been one of the best Condor open day's for several years ...... before being relieved by the 1FTS aerobatic team using JP's ..... which resulted in a "follow the leader" chase at low level, and even then they frequently disappeared into cloud."

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