Linton Blades - Ailertchen, Germany 1970
11 July

Having arrived in Germany on the 10th of July & flown a couple of shows on the 11th, the team flew a show at Gelnhausen on the 12th. After that they flew this show at Ailertchen, Germany.
A 35 minute flight, including a 500ft show at Ailertchen is listed in Dave Waddington's logbook.
The team & crew stayed overnight in Wiesbaden ( another suburb of Frankfurt ) before returning to the UK (Dishforth) on the 13th.

I have pictures of the aircraft at Gelnhausen. Assuming the pilots flew the same aircraft, here are the details.

Blades Pilots / Aircraft flown

XW308 / 67 - Dave Waddington ( Confirmed by Log Book - Passenger Flg. Off. Wright)
XW305 / 63 - Dudley Carvell ( Confirmed by Log Book )
XW303 / 64 - Dave Coldicutt ( Confirmed by Log Book )
XW310 / 70 - Joe Whitfield

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